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Contained Single Search – Partnership Agreement​

Contained Search, our flagship service, grants these critical executive searches top-priority status, ensuring swift and focused attention on identifying the ideal candidate to meet your organization’s unique needs. We operate with a profound understanding of the significance of these pivotal positions, and our seasoned team of experts will collaborate closely with you to comprehend your specific requirements and preferences.​

With Contained Search, our commitment to transparency and seamless communication is unwavering. Throughout the entire search process, we keep our partners, and their leadership teams constantly informed every step of the way. You can expect detailed weekly reporting metrics, in-depth reviews, and frequent status updates, providing you with invaluable insights into the progress of the search and fostering a strong sense of partnership.​

Key Features of Contained Single Search:

When we role out a contained search for our clients, the search is assigned a full team to manage the entire process. A minimum of 4 team members are assigned to your search which would include: ​

  • Sr Practice Leader ​
  • 2-3 Executive Recruiters ​
  • Operations Manager​

This level of focus allows us to run a strategic and organized process to ensure the market is covered and a consistent message is delivered to each candidate. ​

We adapt to your changing business needs and priorities, ensuring a dynamic approach to talent acquisition.​
Our dedicated team focuses solely on strategically critical roles, expediting the search process without compromising on quality.​
We maintain strict confidentiality throughout the search to safeguard your organization’s sensitive information.​
Our extensive network and comprehensive screening processes guarantee that only the most qualified candidates are presented to you.
Weekly reporting metrics, reviews, and status updates keep you fully informed, facilitating an engaged and collaborative partnership.​
General Fee Structure:
  • Flat rate engagement fee upon the start of the search ​
  • Percentage of candidate first year’s guaranteed gross compensation ​
  • Replacement guarantee ​
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On Going Contained / Partnership Search​

3D CRO Group understands that companies struggle with the timing of top-grading talent within their organization. Most organizations wait until performance drops, resignations occur, terminations are executed or simply just hanging on to certain personal because their no better option. ​

Ongoing Partnership Search service, designed for our client and partnered private equity firms. This offers a proactive approach providing a consistent flow of all the industry’s top talent on an ongoing basis. This offering elevates the recruitment process to new heights, as it’s given our partners the opportunity to make decisions in advance, allowing talent succession planning and top grading departments on an ongoing basis. ​

Our Ongoing Partnership Search leverages a diverse array of cutting-edge platforms and methodologies to identify and attract the most exceptional industry talent, with a strong emphasis on passive candidates who aren’t actively seeking new opportunities. This strategic approach ensures that our clients gain access to an exclusive pool of top-tier candidates, ones that may not be accessible through conventional recruitment channels.​

Key Features of Ongoing Partnership Search:

We act as a brand ambassador to our clients delivering a compelling presentation to the industry’s top talent in a passive yet proactive manor. ​
Exclusive access to qualified, evaluated and verified top level talent across the market. Leveraging innovative platforms, we tap into an extensive network of passive candidates, securing the industry’s finest talents for your organization.​
Clients are provided with login access to track, manage and organize the ongoing talent pool.
We forge long-term partnerships with our clients, enabling us to understand their unique needs and culture deeply, resulting in optimal candidate matches.​
Every search is tailored to the specific requirements of our clients, ensuring a bespoke approach to talent acquisition.​
Our seasoned team of recruiters possesses the expertise and acumen to navigate the competitive landscape and identify the ideal candidates.​

With our Ongoing Partnership Search service, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless and enriching recruitment experience, enabling our clients to secure exceptional talent that aligns perfectly with their organizational vision and goals. Elevate your talent acquisition process with our specialized approach. Partner with 3D CRO Search Group today and unlock the potential of premier industry talent for your Key Accounts.​

General Fee Structure:
  • Quarterly engagement fee that is held in escrow. Balance of escrow is absorbed into each placement fee​
  • Percentage of candidate first year’s guaranteed gross compensation​
  • Replacement guarantee ​
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Proactive “Pipeline Development” (Mid-level volume)​

At 3D CRO Group, we are proud to offer our innovative Pipeline Development service, dedicated to optimizing your company’s succession planning process and securing future positions. By proactively introducing a carefully curated pool of potential candidates, we ensure that your organization stays ahead in talent acquisition.​

Our expert team collaborates closely with clients to build a robust pipeline of talented individuals who possess the skills and experience necessary to excel in mid-level roles. These candidates are carefully identified and engaged with, fostering meaningful relationships over time, and are continuously updated about upcoming opportunities within your organization.​

Key Features of our Pipeline Development Service:

We proactively scout and engage with potential candidates, nurturing relationships to ensure a continuous supply of qualified candidates for senior and mid-level positions. ​
Our service empowers your company’s succession planning efforts, reducing the risk of leadership gaps, and ensuring a smooth transition when key positions need to be filled.​
Beyond senior roles, our Pipeline Development service extends to act as an RPO for entry to mid-level positions, particularly in high attrition areas of your business.​
We specialize in supporting clients who require a deep bench of talent in roles that frequently experience high turnover.​
Our expertise spans various sectors, including bench-level scientists, study directors, veterinarians, quality professionals, R&D specialists, project managers, and more. ​
General Fee Structure:
  • 6-12 month service agreement ​
  • Flat rate billed monthly. ​
  • Unlimited hires ​

At 3D CRO Group, we recognize that long-term success demands strategic foresight in talent acquisition. With our Pipeline Development service, you can rest assured that your company will be equipped with a strong and dynamic talent pool, ready to steer your organization towards a prosperous future. Get in touch with us today and discover the power of strategic talent insights.​