Success Factors

The key elements to creating a match is to have a deep understanding in what our clients are seeking. There are many times in the discovery process that our clients may struggle to articulate an ideal profile. Our Practice Leaders have delivered successful outcomes on 700+ searches with over 80+ companies in the marketplace. We have experience and perspective that provides insights to maximizing value and reducing

Our research department conducts a thorough study and market analysis to identify individuals who are contributing to the success of target organizations. This is accomplished through in‐depth direct sourcing of target companies, as well as organizational charts/mapping of competitive companies.​

​We dedicate a vast number of resources to each assignment, and by approaching recruitment with a strategy going in, we ultimately succeed in changing minds and optimizing the decision process.​

Our select client base means we can recruit from a larger universe of talented candidates. Therefore, 3D CRO Group presents a slate of qualified candidates in a short period of time. We are known as the “smallest large firm in the business.”​
3D CRO Group utilizes a proprietary technology that integrates project management and database functionality to ultimately support our search process. We employ best-of- breed technologies, online tools, and databases to further our ability to effectively provide our clients with top leadership.​
We have one of the highest researcher/consultant ratios in the industry, with no geographic restrictions. Our expansive global network is routinely drawn upon to utilize all available sources, contacts, and industry expertise.​
It is industry standard to keep clients off‐limits for all recruiting purposes. This client- blockage philosophy has restricted many of our larger, publicly traded competitors from recruiting the right candidates for their ever-growing client list. Our select client base means that we can recruit from a greater universe of talented candidates. Therefore, 3D CRO presents a larger slate of qualified candidates in a shorter period-of-time.​


Identification of desired talent through in‐depth market analysis and direct sourcing

Development of organizational charts and competitive mapping, resulting in a deep understanding of the industry landscape​

Industry‐first knowledge Management teams supplying up-to-date competitive intelligence​

Utilization of best-of-breed technology

No geographic restrictions and restricted off‐limits philosophy​

Collaborative team structure​