Our Process

Intelligent Candidate Sourcing

Our firm operates with both structures and systematic processes that have been proven through our success.  With our goal setting structure always in mind, our purpose is to maximize the candidate/client match rate with our Process Management Funnel.

3D CRO Process Management Funnel 

The Step Approach

3D’s Top 100 CANDIDATES:  “A” level and elite performers in the market with a direct line of communication.

3D’s TOP 100 CANDIDATES: “A” level and elite performers in the market with a direct line of communication to our company.

MOST RECENT ACTIVE CANDIDATES: Candidates recently in process but highly qualified for the right opportunity.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE DIRECT COMPETITORS: Pre-evaluated and high performing candidates that are in direct competition with the client.

DIRECT COMPETITORS: Targeting direct competitors but performance has not been evaluated.

HIGH PERFORMANCE-NON COMPETITORS: High performing candidates that are not considered direct competition but may still match the profile.

HIGH POTENTIAL –COMPETITORS: Less established candidates from direct competitors but have evidence to prove their high potential.

HIGH POTENTIAL- NON COMPETITORS: Candidates not from direct competitors but have established evidence to prove their high potential.

REFERRALS & NETWORKING: Diamonds in the rough that are provided to us through our trusted industry network.

LINKEDIN RESEARCH: Conducted in tandem with other research efforts throughout our search process.


Qualify, Identify & Evaluation

  • Qualify the Position: We ensure to our clients upfront that the opportunity fits within our expertise.
  • Identify the Position: Complete 60 point Discovery Process with Client.
  • Evaluate, Rank & Benchmark the Position: Based on what we understand and how we rate the position to the market, we will discuss with our clients on how competitive the opportunity is and the level of talent that will likely be attached to the position.


Preparation, Develop & Design 

  • Preparation: Collaborate with internal staff to design an approach to the candidate market place.
  • Develop: Develop a compelling but honest message about the key highlights and challenges to the opportunity, and target a specific list of candidates that match the position’s profile.
  • Design Final Strategy: Execute the Process Management Funnel for candidate development.


Candidate Selection, Management & Delivery

  • Candidate Selection: Contact, present, qualify and interview candidates for positions by using our internal Candidates Matching method, which consists of 5 major criteria’s. Candidates must score at least an 80% on our Candidate Matching Method to qualify for consideration.
  • Candidate Management: Candidates that are engaged and considered by clients for selection are reevaluated by our structured Candidate Management methodology. Candidate Management is an internal process that allows us to rate and rank a candidate’s career ambitions, interest level and desired timing to make a move.
  • Candidate Delivery: Candidates that have been selected for consideration are presented with a pre-close summary. This step ensure that all communication throughout the process has been discussed prior to candidate selection.