About 3D CRO

3D CRO Search is a leading provider of Strategic Talent Management and Executive Recruitment services serving the full Life Science & Drug Development market place. Since our inception in 2008, 3D CRO Search Group has provided our clients with custom based solutions across the entire R&D spectrum. Our robust resourcing engine is fueled by offering a world class approach to delivering talent. We combine psychology with the most sophisticated technologies in the recruitment industry, in order to match the right candidate to our client’s critical needs.

3D CRO Search Group takes the time to uncover our clients’ needs through our proven “Discovery” process, followed by “Designing” a custom based strategy for “Delivery” on the project. The results within our practice is what propels a compelling alliance and maximizes profitability for each professional we deliver to our clients.



We dedicate all time upfront to truly assess our clients’ needs to ensure that we are setting a plan to meet their goals. A “Discovery Process” includes a highly detailed assessment of your current organization’s history, culture, services, leadership, highlights and challenges. We already know what the top-performers are looking for and it’s our job to deliver an ambassador- like message on behalf of  our clients.


We design a strategy based on the organization’s best practices for the qualifying, screening and interview process. We then construct a transparent presentation that outlines a client’s strengths and weaknesses, in order that potential candidates can honestly evaluate an opportunity.

The key is transparency!


“Deliver” does not mean to present our clients with the best candidates, but to place them. We offer the best hiring practices that allow our clients to make the most informed decisions when it comes to selection.



Each and every one of our clients has a very specific need when it comes to human capital. Our advisors work with each client to craft an approach that aligns with its ambitions and timelines.


We personalize the situation and plan a strategy so your message as a brand ambassador is clear. As advisors, we help our clients deliver the right message to candidates. The recruitment process is a reflection of how a client conduct business with its customers.


Planning and goal setting is the single most important philosophy under which the 3D CRO Group operates. Our customized planning strategies are clear and structured, so our candidates feel comfortable with the execution.


Our #1 goal is to build a lasting partnership that’s driven by experience and results. We go above and beyond, not just because we should, but because we love what we do!